How to Survive High School

High School is like running through a gauntlet. Except you are on fire, have only two hours of sleep, know that none of this nonsense will help you, and you have to make it look like it is easy. And there are people judging your performance down to the very smallest details. High School is no laughing matter, especially if you have hard classes, a full class load, a very time-demanding sport, and responsibility at home like yours truly. And to add to that, my ADD makes me forget to do at least one of those four things every day, and remember that I need to look good and keep character for a whopping seven to eight hours. And what am I going to do after high school? College, starting a career, and before all that, I have to get a summer job to pay for college and a car and… and…  Man, this is stressing me out just thinking about it.

Now if all of this makes you cringe just by the sound of it, then that’s good. I’m glad you feel for the topic. There is one thing I want you to keep in mind though: I am not the average high school student with the basic pathway, doing no more than what you need to graduate with no extracurricular activities. I push my mind and body to perform at its peak academically, socially, and physically. But that is all because I want to be successful and make a lot of money more than eating and sleep sometimes. For example, right now it is 10:30 PM after a lacrosse game and what am I doing?

Surviving high school all depends on how much raw effort and hours you want to put in to be where you want to be. If you are fine with a mediocre job and little to no higher education, surviving high school is relatively painless–just go through the motions and you have it in the bag. But if you want to be successful and make a lot of money, high school is going to be painful. Here in America, the way you get a good career in architectural engineering is studying Shakespeare, mixing useless chemicals in chemistry, and solving page-long calculus problems when all you need to know is basic geometry and physics. Why it is that way is always going to be a question to me. But if you want to survive high school, whether you are high achieving or not, you have to get gritty. You could be the dumbest person ever to walk this planet and pass a class, and you could be the smartest person to ever walk this planet and fail it by a light-year. In high school, grit is the name of the game.


Dealing With Stress

For many people stress is a very big part of life. Whether it is caused from school, a job, friends, or even family stress can blossom from many situations. But rather than blossoming into a pretty flower, it blooms into more of a weed that is hard to pull. Hopefully I will be able to give you some strategies that may help you pull that stress out of your life.

One thing that many people find beneficial in relieving their stress is making a to-do list. Making a list of all of the things you have to do can help you to get organized. Organizing your priorities on paper helps to organize them in your thoughts, which can then give you a sense of relief from some of that stress. In some cases, making a to-do list can even help you realize that you actually don’t have as much to do as you thought.

Sometimes the stress in your life can become too overwhelming and the best thing to do is to just relax and distract yourself for a while. Listen to some good music, watch your favorite movie, eat good food, talk to the people you love, just let your mind rest and take a break from life. This can rejuvenate you and make it easier to complete all of those pesky tasks.

Overall, it’s important to remember that it will be alright. No matter how bad the stress in your life may be making you feel, it will eventually be over. It is important to get everything done that you need to, but don’t forget to think of yourself along the way.


Support through Media

Body image. Just those two words can spark totally different meanings. One person may look at those words and see nothing, it’s just two words. Others may see it as much more. It can become a person. Body image is what they think about as well as what they dream about. The idea of a certain body type begins to consume them. At this point its no longer an idea, it’s a lifestyle. But this lifestyle is an illness. It’s called anorexia. Many girls suffer from anorexia because they feel as if their current body is not good enough. I recently read an article written by a girl who used to have anorexia. Usually I am hesitant when writing about topics like this, but her story was interesting and not normal to say the least. Nicole (writer of the blog) found comfort and  support from followers on Instagram. I love the fact that she went out of her comfort zone and tried something new. She was brave enough to show people her illness, but she was careful enough not to flaunt it. Nicole was able to reach out and share stories with other people who had the same problem as her. In my opinion, Nicole is a role model. She tried something new. She overcame an illness, and prospered while doing so. If girls reached out for support like Nicole did, they would realize that millions of people are out there wanting to help. Nicole’s story is an incredible one and it is totally worth reading. M.L.

Out on the Wide Open Street

There are only two dates in my whole life that I can recall on command without thinking about it. The first is my birthday, and the second is when I started my love affair with cars.

I never thought I would ever have a love for cars before the day of October 27th, 2014. I thought I would always be a fan of bikes instead of cars, taking a bike to college and never even thinking of the need of a car until I have to get my future kids to lacrosse practice. I mean, how far can everything be to absolutely need a car? How much will I need to haul to absolutely need a car? Well, as I figured out on the 27th, cars are not just tools you pick up, use, and throw back into the shed. Cars need to be taken care of, loved, and appreciated. Cars are man’s second best friend, second only to dogs. Cars are living, breathing, beautiful machines that come in all shapes, sizes, and specialties. Every person has their favored shape, size, and specialty, and it is that person’s call of duty to give the beast the ride it deserves. If that sounds familiar to you, then you got the joke.

Now you may be wondering by now what happened on October 27th to radically alter a fifteen year-old’s thoughts on cars so quickly? Well, it started at the beginning of the week. My mom started talking to a friend named Mark from her work. Mark is one of the greatest people I have ever had the pleasure to meet not just because of his amazing experiences, wisdom, and endless supply of humor but also because of his baby girl. Not a human girl, but his 1968 Chevrolet Camaro. The car has been in his family since the thing came off the assembly line in 1968. He learned how to drive in it, and I with no more of a week of knowing each other, Mark told me, “Hey, let’s go for a drive.” I stammered for an answer, and all that came out was a weak question. “Wih… With… With, or, uhh, in what?” He said, “The Camaro. Come on now.” So I stumbled out the door, unsure if I was dreaming or delusional. I had no more than 6 months of driving experience under my belt, and I hardly knew how a stick shift worked, let alone how I would handle the raw power of a pony like that. He drove us to the local high school’s parking lot, because he said, “That is the only place to learn how to drive a sports car.” When we got there, much to our surprise, the parking lot was packed to the brim. Mark said, “Well, that changes the plan. You’re just gunna have to learn on the fly.”

On the street. On the wide open street.

No intro other than where the clutch pedal is, no safe confines of the parking lot, no training wheels attached. It got real really fast. So I got in the driver’s seat and rolled the pony out of the stables, took a right, a left, and I rolled onto the straight. “Punch it.” What insanity did I just hear?? Mark spoke again, “you’ve got road up ahead of you and you better not waste it.” I looked at him with wide, scared, bunny eyes, I rotated my vision to the lines in front of me, I squinted my eyes and focused in, and I hit the gas. First gear. Second gear. Third gear. Fourth gear. All happening in the blink of an eye. We were up to 95 mph in no time, and it felt great.

Maybe what captures the love for cars within me is the freedom. The rush of just hitting the pedal and not knowing or caring exactly what happens. The bond between the two machines: You and the car. Maybe not having training wheels is what makes cars such an undeniable medium between man and the wonders of life death and everything in between. Out on the open street.



There are many difficult situations we face in our lives, but how we deal with these situations is a very important thing to master. To be more specific, awkward situations. The other day in class we watched an ignite presentation about awkward moments and how you should not only learn to deal with them, but embrace them.

Awkwardness is impossible to avoid, in fact, it’s really just a part of being human. Everybody is imperfect and everybody messes up, which in many cases, can lead to awkward moments. Things like, falling in public, calling someone the wrong name, blurting out a wrong answer in class with complete confidence, not being able to walk past someone because you both keep trying to go the same direction, relieving yourself in a silent bathroom with other people in it, accidentally calling the wrong phone number, are all examples of these awkward situations I am speaking of.

We need to learn that awkward moments don’t really have to be “awkward” or uncomfortable. Awkwardness should be embraced because it helps us come to the realization that nobody is perfect. The truth of the matter is that many times when you feel really awkward in a certain situation, people around you don’t even notice. So please, be imperfect, laugh it off, and realize it is alright to make mistakes and to not always be perfectly comfortable.


Hello World

As you see this blog, you probably would think it’s just an ordinary website; a site where a bunch of teens go to write, just so they can pass their English class. Although that maybe true, the idea behind it means so much more. The idea behind this blog is to share our experiences in life.

We may still be young, but that makes this blog so much more valuable. It’s a place for a group of kids to share their life, their memories, and their experiences. We can take you on an adventure, our adventure. Being a teenager may limit the amount of experience we have had in life, but it’s the inexperience that reveals the pureness of life. Nobody wants to hear about something you have done a millions times, they want to hear about your first time trying something new. Maybe it was a complete fail, but I guarantee it makes a better memory than an old story.

This blog is going to show the life of teenagers. It’s going to show the good days, the bad days, the amazing days, the unforgettable days, and the drop dead horrible days. At times it will be a little dark, but that’s life. And this blog is going to show it all.


Daily Stories by Teens